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CALL FOR PAPERS (University of South Asia Journal)

CALL FOR PAPERS (University of South Asia Journal)


University of South Asia Journal

Dear Sir/Madam,
University of South Asia is going to publish University of South Asia Journal, ISSN (Print): 2411-3077, Volume # 04(2018). South Asia Journal invites scholarly and previously unpublished research papers on various issues from Academicians and Research Scholars for this volume of the Journal. A double-blind system of peer-review is used for selecting the papers for publication. All the papers will be refereed and peer-reviewed by two reviewers. Authors are requested to strictly follow the submission guidelines mentioned below. Only electronic submission via email will be accepted.
Last date for submission of manuscript for this volume is 31stAugust, 2018.

Manuscript: Two copies of English manuscript, typed on A4 offset paper should be submitted. The paper must be free from any kind of plagiarism. The paper should range between 2000 – 6000 words including an abstract not exceeding 200 words and references/ bibliography. The authors are requested to provide an electronic version of the paper in MS Word format via the email id given below. Proper references to the sources of data and information are required. Tables and illustrations should be clearly readable. The author(s) should provide their full identity along with their institutional affiliations or a brief biography (75 words maximum) with a scanned photo in a separate page.
An instruction sheet for the author(s) is attached herewith for more details.
Submission: The manuscript should be submitted to:

Irshad Ahmed Shaheen
University of South Asia Journal
ISSN (Print): 2411-3077, Volume # 04 (2018)
Dean School of Arts and Culture
University of South Asia

Instructions for Authors

The following guidelines should be followed strictly in submitting the manuscript of the paper:

Manuscript Format: All manuscripts must be written in English, must be plagiarism-free and typed on only one side of A-4 size papers with 1.5 space between the lines and appropriate margins, and submitted in an MS Word format via email. Two typed copies of the manuscript must be submitted to the Editor. The text of submission should only be typed in ‘Times New Roman’ (12 point font size). The paper should ideally range between 2000 – 6000 words including an abstract not exceeding 200 words and references/ bibliography. Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also presented in the reference list (and vice versa). Author’s name, institutional affiliation and email address should be given on a separate cover page with the manuscript to facilitate blind reviewing. Authors are requested to send a brief biography (75 words maximum) with a scanned picture on a separate sheet.

Abstract: Each article should be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 200 words. Abstract should include only the gist of the paper.

Reference/ Bibliography: All references should be cited in the text by typing in parentheses the last name(s) of author(s) followed by the year of publication. Two or more cited publications by the same author(s) that were published in the same year should be distinguished by a, b, c, etc. after year, for example (Islam, 2000b). The authors are advised not to use ibid, op. cit. loc. supra, or infra. Instead, they are requested to show subsequent citation of the same source in the same way the first citation is made. All cited references should be arranged alphabetically at the end of the text on the basis of the cited author’s last name, under a separate heading `References’. This list should give the last name(s) of the author(s) with appropriate initial letters of the earlier parts of the name(s), publication date and title of work. For books, the place of publication and the publisher’s name should be given. For papers, the name of the periodical, volume (number) and inclusive pages should be given. Examples may be seen in University of South Asia Journal.

Notes: Informational or explanatory footnotes are not generally encouraged. However, if they are unavoidable or essential, they should be limited to comments and explanations. These should be cited in the text as an affixed number and such notes should be sequentially arranged at the end of the text, but before `References’. These notes should not be used to cite reference to literature.

Tables: Tables should be typed on separate sheets, and should be numbered sequentially with Arabic numerals (e.g. Table 1) and have captions. They should be properly cited in the text. Short tables may be placed within the text.

Illustrations: The paper should contain minimum number of tables, graphs and figures. The same data should not be used both for tables and/or graphs and figures. All illustrations (graphs and figures) should be ready for reproduction and should be numbered sequentially with numerals (e.g. Fig. 1) and should have captions. The photographs should be printed and submitted on glossy papers.


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