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Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & Culture

About the Course

This degree programme prepares students in the dual area of English Language and Literature. Students are able to master his content area for careers in teaching, researching and translating, plus a whole host of other vocations.

How much will it cost (2016-2017 fees)?

Full programme (four-year study): BTD 3,10,560.

How long will it take?

Academic Session for BAE program shall extend over a period of 4 academic years, 12 semesters.

How often will I need to attend?

A student must attend all the classes. Up to three absences, per course, in a semester may be excused.

What qualification do I need?

A higher secondary certificate or its equivalent in Science, Arts, Commerce or other fields of study is the basic educational requirement. Minimum qualifying points to be eligible to apply is 5. Students with English medium background are encouraged to apply for admission. For all foreign certificates equivalence will be determined by the University.

When and How should I apply?

The University calendar is arranged so that students may start in January, May or September.

What will I be studying?

You are required to complete 12 semesters to obtain 120 credits: six compulsory semesters are taken in the first two years, and in Year 3 and 4 you choose six optional semesters.

You will cover a rotating combination of:

  • Computer Science
  • Humanities/Business
  • English Literature & Culture
How will I be taught?

Face-to-face teaching, lectures and seminars.

How will I be assessed?

Through course assignments and/or in-class tests, plus formal examinations.

What study resources are available?

Access to computer facilities and library.

What careers can I go on to?

A degree in English Literature & Culture offers many opportunities for professionals with  knowledge and skills who can write and communicate effectively. There are numerous creative, fun, and interesting jobs and careers in this field. Opportunities are growing for graduates in English as businesses increasingly need help in communicate effectively in international level.

Course Overview

Study Area : Computer Science





Course Code

Course Name

Course Code

Course Name

ENG 110

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Poetry

ENG 102

Introduction to Computer

ENG 212

Greek and Roman Classics in Translation

ENG 435

Parameters of information Technology Media and The Message

ENG 216

Victorian Prose and Poetry

Study Area : Humanities/Business

ENG 218

Nineteenth Century Novel

ENG 213


ENG 219

Modern Poetry

ENG 214


ENG 220

Modern drama

ENG 217


ENG 221

American Literature (1620-1891)

ENG 325

Management and Organizational Behavior

ENG 322

American Literature (Modern)

ENG 328

Business Communication

ENG 323

Literary Criticism

ENG 324

History of Bangladesh

ENG 326

Modern Novels

ENG 329

Cultural studies

ENG 330

Post-Colonial Literature and Theory

ENG 327

Culture of Bangladesh

ENG 431

Translation Studies

ENG 215

Philosophical ideas that shaped the modern world

ENG 432

Socio Linguistics

Study Area : English Literature & Culture

ENG 433

Linguistic Theories Compulsory

ENG 115

Basic English Reading and Writing –I

ENG 434

English Language Teaching (ELT) Compulsory

ENG 436

English Prose from Becon to Lamb

ENG 111

Introduction to English History

ENG 437

Thematic Readings of English Literature

ENG 116

Basic English Reading and Writing –II

ENG 438

Testing and Evaluation

ENG 311

Phonetics and Phonology

ENG 439

Discourse analysis

ENG 103

Introduction to English literature

ENG 440

Area paper

ENG 104

Romantic Poetry


120 Credits

ENG 107

Elizabethan and Restoration Drama


ENG 108

Old and Middle English Literature

ENG 109