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Master of Nutrition and Food Science

About the Course

Masters of Nutrition and Food Science course run by University of South Asia addresses the growing need for well-prepared professionals and prepare students with the qualifications to serve the people for the development of healthy communities. These courses improve student's skills through a deeper understanding of interdisciplinary competencies including focuses on Human Nutrition, Dietetics, Food Science and Metabolism. This course is design to teach students about the importance in the real world so that they can keep pace with developments and look at current occupations in industry, health, and public programs. Department of Nutrition and Food Science is headed by professor S. K. Roy, who is renowned in the field for the quality of his researches and contributions in the field.  

How much will it cost (2016-2017 fees)?

Full programme (one year): BDT 1,33,008.

How long will it take?

Academic Session for Nutrition and Food Science program shall extend over a period of 1 year, 3 semesters.

Classes will be held on Friday only.

How often will I need to attend?

A student must attend all the classes. Up to three absences, per course, in a semester may be excused.

What qualification do I need?

The minimum requirement for eligibility to seek admission into MNFS program is at least a graduation degree in Science background.

When and how should I apply?

The University calendar is arranged so that students may start in January, May or September.

What will I be studying?

You are required to complete 3 semesters to obtain 48 Credit including dissertation.

How will I be taught?

Face-to-face teaching, lectures  and seminars.

How will I be assessed?

Through course assignments and/or in-class tests, plus an unseen formal examination.

What study resources are available?

Access to computer facilities and library

What careers can I go on to?

Master of Nutrition & Food Science provide graduates with a wide variety of career opportunities possibly to the following-

  • Nutritionist
  • Dietitian
  • Health promotion and education
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Technical sales representatives
  • Consulting
  • Secondary teaching in food technology
  • Community nutrition and health
  • Food product research and development
  • Food Safety Microbiologist
  • Food Packaging Specialist
  • Food Manufacturing Operations Manager


Course Overview

Course Code

Course Name

NFS 501

Nutritional Biochemistry

NFS 502

Vitamins and Minerals

NFS 503


NFS 504

Clinical and Public Health Nutrition

NFS 505

General and Applied dietetics

NFS 506

Applied Nutrition and Nutrition Education

NFS 507

Economics of Nutrition and Nutrition Planning

NFS 508

Food Science & Microbiology

NFS 509

Biostatistics, Computing and Laboratory instrumentation

NFS 510


NFS 511



48 Credits