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The Debating Legacy of Professor Dr. M A Muhit, Board of Trustees Chairman, University of South Asia

The Debating Legacy of Professor Dr. M A Muhit, Board of Trustees Chairman, University of South Asia

Our Honorable Board of Trustees Chairman Professor Dr. M. A. Muhit is a dynamic individual whose expertise span across a multitude of different fields. He is an ophthalmologist, public figure, philanthropist, career academician, and international public health researcher who has worked as a full time faculty at the University of London for almost a decade.

Watch the full video of his legacy as a debater in the link below.

He might have left debate but the debater is ever present.

He, alongside his father the late professor Dr. M A Matin co-founded the University of South Asia with the mission is to transform higher education from primarily being a lecture based one to an interactive learning experience that would equip graduates with the 4Cs, community, communication, connectivity and career. His goal, through the University of South Asia is to increase inclusivity through the provision of quality education at an affordable cost alongside crucial life skills through activities such as public speaking, critical thinking, problem solving and debate.

He has a PhD in International Public Health from the University of London and has subsequently taught post graduate students, doctors, health professionals as well as policymakers belonging to more than fifteen countries. He has published more than thirty original research articles in international peer reviewed journals.

While conducting a nationwide research on visual impairment among the children in rural Bangladesh back in 2000, Dr. Muhit traveled all 64 districts if the country and realized that major policy intervention is needed to establish the rights of people with disabilities in the country. To address their needs, he established CSF Global and since then, Dr. M. A. Muhit through CSF Global has conducted cataract operations free of cost for more than 12,000 people throughout the country. Dr. Muhit has also distributed hundreds of wheelchairs among the children with disabilities in Shahjadpur, Shirajganj area in the last six years. Apart from Bangladesh, CSF Global also has operations in Australia, Indonesia and Nepal.

Our Honourable Board of Trustees Chairman, Professor Dr. M A Muhit was Best Speaker 9 times in National TV Debate between 1991 to 1993 as well as the Champion in 1993. He was also the Debate Team Captain at Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka College, Shantinagar Leo Club and also in Dhaka Residential Model School, where he won several Championships. His journey as a debater started during his childhood at Dhaka Residential Model College, where he would often give speeches, discuss issues and nurture his unique and strong style of rhetoric. He was, undoubtedly, one of the best debaters as well as public speakers of Bangladesh before he left for the United Kingdom to pursue further education.

However, he might have left debate but the debater is ever present. Even today, he continues to nurture and apply the skills he learned from debating in all aspects of his life. Furthermore, his love for debate is evident in the academic practices of the University of South Asia, through the University’s emphasis on critical thinking, public speaking and problem solving.


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